The offensive of the French designers

Since about two decades, U.S. industrial companies cutlery practice system "custom collaborations" to present attractive models. It is an agreement between a brand and a craftsman to achieve mass of a knife designed by the latter. This practice is widespread in Europe.

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The Spyderco C135 PPT

This year 2010 finally sees the marketing of a highly anticipated model created for several months a great "b buzz" on the Internet dedicated to cutlery forums. Although co bénéfifi the aura of the French craftsman Fred Perrin, this folding PPT C135 presents an original feature : he was born of a collaboration between three specialists knife, gathered under the symbol "TPP" (Perrin – Perotti – Thiel) a Spyderco. This approach justified e alone interest in this new.

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Sacha Thiel, discretion should

Sacha Thiel does not seek the limelight, it is obvious. However, six years, le coutelier Alsacien participe aux principaux salons de l’Hexagone, without his presence has an expansive character. However, it was enough to get noticed by fans and collectors because of the quality, of aesthetics and the dreaded effi ciency of his creations.

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Sacha Thiel, route of a child requiring

It was five years ago I discovered almost by accident the first work of a young hobbyist whose style and quality finishes hint at a potential and committed myself to follow more closely the evolution. I have proposed to him as a collaboration by developing a design butterfly knife I had in mind for some time and which corresponded to the embodiment hight-teak already characterized his first productions. This was the birth of Blue Bali, immediately met the accession of a number of cracked balisong and was presented in the Passion during a large dossier on these strange knives two rounds.

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